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Job Detail

Technical Architect

40 N Pearl St , Albany , Ny , 12243

Rate: Based on experience

Total Positions: 1

Preferred Hardware: ESX, Linux

Preferred Software: Open Source - Java/JEE - JBoss - N-tiered

Work Hours: 830-5

The approved candidate will be expected to provide analysis system workflow processes and network diagrams for the myBenefits/myWorkspace applications.The state will work with the candidate to define and approve these processes and to integrate them into the system.The candidate will work with the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) to set-up, install and configure all core software needed to support the Virtual Managed Infrastructure for MyBenefits/MyWorkspace applications..The candidate must be able to apply expert knowledge of Java technologies, JBoss server administration, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA),ITS network infrastructure, myBenefits/myWorkspace system and the technologies described herein to successfully completion of the following tasks:- Provide support for all Java applications across the entire OTDA infrastructure.- Provide mentoring and oversight of architecture, maintenance, modification and development of myBenefits/myWorkspace application code changes as needed- Provide day-to-day technical guidance and hands-on support to the development project team for activities related to the definition, design, construction, testing, performance tuning and certification of applications.- Ensure that projects follow the NYS ITS architecture standards and best practices and conduct technical reviews to ensure compliance- Provide technical leadership, training, direction and expertise in the design and implementation of applications and integrations.- Identify technology reuse opportunities, participate in the contribution toward reusable object/component libraries- Architect application models & technical designs ensuring consistent, robust & scalable designs- Plan and coordinate infrastructure requirements and server capacity planning- Work with technical leads on documentation and testing requirements- Review unit, and component, and integrated test for standards, performance, and service functionality compliance.- Conduct application performance monitoring, analysis of performance and performance tuning- Address and remediate application security vulnerabilities identified by Fortify or other security scans- Participate and lead efforts in production troubleshooting and resolution as necessary- Meet with management and report on scheduled work progress

Mandatory Qualifications

Technical Architect - Technical expert centered around a technology, technologies or a portfolio of applications- Designing and implementing Information Technology solutionsExpert84+ Months: Candidate is able to provide leadership of large teams and/or extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field​

Requested Qualifications

84 months experience in building complex, enterprise level Java web applications. This includes involvement in all phases of the system development lifecycle (requirements analysis, design, development, testing and implementation).

84 months experience working with development teams in defining unit and system testing standards, and monitoring, benchmarking and evaluating results.

84 months experience performing release management for n-tier JEE web applications

84 months experience communicating with team members and management including group presentations

84 or more month’s experience analyzing business processes and workflows, and working with non-technical staff to develop system specifications and resolve problems.

72 or more month’s acting in advisory role to IT management in Web application architecture, software evaluation, POC, and mentoring developers in areas such as system architecture, design patterns, common system utilities, and secure Web application coding.

84 months experience in EJB development and transaction management programming in a complex, large-scale (1.2 Million users +) environment involving the integration of J2EE applications with legacy mainframe environments.

84 months experience working with/developing single sign-on solutions for JEE applications (preferably using LDAP and SiteMinder) context.

84 months experience with use of XML, JAXB and web services in a JEE environment

84 months experience with Struts, Spring and Hibernate and working with rules engines and business process management

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Stand out from the crowd

We’re passionate about technology. If you are, too, we’d like to hear from you. We are invested in building a community of creative technical thinkers.